Wines and More

Welcome to our online wine, beers and spirits eshop.our aim is to offer you quality wines at the best possible prices from the comfort of your home. We are here to help you choose the wines and spirits according to your advise will be given by one of our highly trained professionals.

After many years of importing and distributing wines  and spirits in 2010 together with other wine entusiacs we opened our first retail shop Bottles wine and spirits in limassol. Now we offer you the option of shopping your favourite wines, spirits and beers from your home and delivered to your home at even lower prices.Simply email us or call us.

Our phlilosophy about wine is simple.we offer a wide range of wines from Cyprus and all around the world suitable for every taste bud and every budget.moreover we can advise food pairing with wine and we can suggest and provide wines for you parties and social gatherings.moreover we can give quotes for any other wine beer or spirit as we have a wide network of partens and we can not fit everything in one website.

We will be happy to hear your comments and answer any of your questions anytime.

Company Information
Number of Employees 1-50